• Goodal Green Tangerine VITA C Cream Intense

Goodal Green Tangerine VITA C Cream Intense

With the synergy effect of Vitamin C + E, this Intense cream set offers super hydration to dull and flacky skin. Contains twice the amount of Vitamin E compared to existing Vita C Cream. Intense cream is long lasting and moisturized radiance. Recommend for people with dry to combination skin type. Green tangerine provides vitality and energy to the skin which are freshly grown under the blue skiy in Jeju's Islands clean nature.

Best used for:
1. Vitality Charge
2. Skin Brightening
3. Dark Spot Erasing
4. Boost of Vitamin C + E

Size- 50ml, 5ml

How to use- After applying the Green Tangerine Vita C spot serum, gently massage an appropriate amount of this product onto your skin and allow for full absorbtion into the skin.

Ingredients-1. Twice Vitamin C and E
2. Fresh JEJU Green tangerine extract
3. Brightening extracts
4. Intense moisture Extracts