• Goodal Green Tangerine VITA C Cream

Goodal Green Tangerine VITA C Cream

Green Tangerine  Vitamin C cream with the goodness of Vitality capsules. Boost the effect Vitamin C and E with Green tangerine cream taht completed human application test on spot relief. Add vitality and energy to your skin by applying Vita C cream to lock in all the moisture into the skin.

Characteristics: The more you massage the more Vitamin C capsules explode.Recommended for oily to combination skin type.

Texture: All year round Vitamin C cream has a moisturising and hydrating creamy texture.

Best used for:
1. Vitality Charge
2. Skin Brightening
3. Dark Spot Erasing


How to use- After applying the Green Tangerine Vita C spot serum, gently massage an appropriate amount of this product onto your skin and allow for full absorbtion into the skin.

Ingredients- 1. Vitamin C and E
2. 62% JEJU Green tangerine extract
3. Vitality capsules
4. Hydrating Extracts