• Goodal Green Tangerine VIita C Dark Spot Serum PLUS

Goodal Green Tangerine VIita C Dark Spot Serum PLUS

2 week blemish goodbye serum plus includes Green tangerine and Vitamin C to reduce dark spots with low irritation gentle Vitamin formula. Made out of natural Jeju Green tangerine extract provides dark spot relief and a bright skin. This product is Human body tested and is perfectly suitable for sensitive skin. Serum plus comes with an upgraded practical packaging so that all content is used fully. Goodal added sooting substance to Serum plus for intensive results.

Best used for:
1. Brightening
2. Moisturization
3. Blemishes reduction
4. Absorbtion

Size-30ml, 10ml, 5ml

How to use- 

Step 1: Cleanse your face with a mild form or gel based cleanser

Step 2: Apply green tangerine toner to refine skin texture

Step 3: Apply gentle amount of green tangerine Vita C dark spot serum plus all over the face to replenish your skin with Vitamin C and reduce dark spots in 2 weeks.


1. 70% Jeju Green Tangerine extract
2. Vitamin C derivatives
3. Arbutin combination for dark spots
4. Niacinamide
5. Centella Leaf Extract
6. Natural frangance

Country Of Origin- South Korea