• Goodal APPLE AHA CLEARING Toner Pad 70ea

Goodal APPLE AHA CLEARING Toner Pad 70ea

Goodal smooth apple toner pad with AHA for bright and clear skin daily. With 0.5% AHA and 10% fruit extract clearing toner pad gives a smooth texture to uneven skin. Just one pad every morning helps off in wiping dead skin cells and protects skin's protective film.

1. Water type texture
2. Easy to use
3. Comfortable on the skin
4. Gentle wipe off pad
5. Comes with 2 sides - Smooth & Embrossed

How to use-After washing the face, dispense a single pad, and wipe off the the face in the direction of the skin to make skin texture feel smooth and tidy


1. 0.5% AHA
2. 10% Fruit extract
3. Moisturizing Malus Domestica apple
4. Natural plant derivatives