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Absolute skin protection from harmful UV rays with It’s Skin UV Away Perfect Sun Block! This lightweight water-proof sunblock moisturiser moisturises the skin and protects the skin from tan. It makes skin smooth, clear, and shine-free.



  • Perfect skin protection from UV rays
  • Light weight texture
  • Has SPF 50+, PA+++
  • Water-proof formulation
  • Suits all skin types

Note: It’s Skin uses mostly natural ingredients, and all their skin care products are free from scent, coloring and alcohol.


  • Apply liberally to all exposed areas of skin at least 15 minutes before outdoor activity.
  • Reapply after swimming, perspiring, and/or towelling.



Fast-absorbing lightweight formula; Contains Guaiazuleneto soothe and balance the skin’s temperature; Protects the skin from heat damage and UV rays. Created to brighten (Niacinamide), fight formation of fine lines and wrinkles (Adenosine), calm (Guaiazulene) and hydrate (Sodium hyaluronate) the skin.

1)The pale-blue shade of the sunscreen covers redness to even out the overall skin tone.
2)Blocks direct heat from the sun to prevent the skin from overheating.
3)Guaiazulene,effective in skin cell regeneration, cools down and soothes inflammation in damaged skin.