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A cushion foundation with ultra-light formula, which feels fresh and light as a skincare product, that brightens up and enhances the skin tone for a translucent complexion.

A radiant and plump complexion filled with moisture from within

Mineral Clay Water EX, fortified with high-molecular moisturizing ingredients, helps retain moisture in the skin to give a healthy, hydrated skin. Hypertonic Radiance™ technology brings out moisture to the skin’s surface to create a plump skin with a dewy glow.

Enhanced antioxidant effect protects the skin against external irritants

Antioxidants in Smart Vector UV Complex are released when exposed to sunlight.to form a protective barrier on the skin’s surface to protect it against external irritants.

Ultrafine Dispersion technology creates a lightweight foundation formula for a seamless and natural-looking coverage. Light Touch Powder, formulated with skin-friendly amino acid, allows a fresh, natural, and translucent coverage.

Size:15g with refill


Base makeup that provides coverage for an even skin tone. Provides a matte & powdery finish for healthy looking skin.

+ Adjusts both yellow or redtone both with natural beige color

+ 2-way usage for a dewy or matte finish+ Balm-type foundation that allows for long-lasting coverage for en uneven skin tone

+ Formulated with functional ingredients that brighten, give UV protection and fight the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

Size: 15ml