My introduction to the Korean Beauty Culture started with a BB Cream sent to me by my sister, who at the time was living in the Far-East. From then on, I was hooked. I tried to get my hands on any and all of Korean cosmetic products, and even if I coudn’t (it was really hard to get authentic items back in 2012 ), I made sure to atleast read as much as I could about it.

Armed with a curiosity that could kill all of a cat’s Nine Lives, I have learned and am still learning about the world of K-Beauty. Some of the things I have picked up along the way are –

1. Pay Attention To Ingredients: Details. Always Important. My fixation with the K-Beauty culture has got me bending forwards and backwards looking into ingredients, and trying to understand what they are for, since KBeauty and its Followers take pride in knowing just what we are putting on our skin. I am still a beginner, but giving attention to detail has benefited me as I now can differentiate between various humectants, acids, occlusives, and what a chemical is, and how natural extracts work on our skin.

2. It’s All About Layering Your Skincare The Right Way: I love to layer my outfits. What a lovely coincidence it is, then, to come across a skincare culture that emphasizes and focus on ‘layering skincare products’. The Korean Skincare Routine is all about applying your skincare products in an order to address specific skin issues and harness the maximum benefit from it.

3. Pay Attention to What Your Skin is Trying to Tell You: My lifestyle and my habits reflect on my skin. Just as I search for products to take care of my skin, it, too, gives me signs for the type of product it needs. I have started to give my skin more credit. Now, I reach for AHAs, Vitamin C serums, and Snail secretion products when my hormonal acne appear, and arm myself with hyaluronic acids to battle de-hydrated skin.

4.Hydration is Key to Everything: I had always thought I was dry-skinned and complacently braced the regular winter chappies as I had not known about the importance of hydration and its role in skincare. Koreans love a dewy skin and the glow that emanates from a well-maintained skin. Korean Beauty is all about hydrated skin, and it should be – as dehydrated skin can be found in all skin types, and can be the main reason for why your skin just cannot maintain an optimum balance.

5. Go with the Korean Skincare Routine and Never Look Back: ‘Double Cleanse – Tone – Treat – Hydrate and Moisturise – SPF’ a ritual I religiously follow everyday. With just these steps, I can step out more confident in my own skin (literally). I was a ‘wash – and – maybe moisturise’ girl before I discovered this multi-stepped routine. I cannot recall just when I started to regularly follow these 7-10 steps, but I am just so glad I did.

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