Through understanding and collecting what customers need and

    want regarding their skin types and concerns, and after

    careful collation and analysis of these data COSRX

    culminates the information into an ingredient-oriented

    cosmetic brand after numerous simulations.


    COSRX is committed to make high performance products

    with safe and natural ingredients minimizing the possibility

    of any side effects for all skin types,

    especially for acne prone skin.


    A fun and youthful brand that stands for purity.

    Koelcia is committed to providing functional, reliable, safe and affordable products ranging from essential skincare products to Make-Up

  • Korean skin care and makeup brand

    that's determined to make a difference in the

    beauty industry. Secret Key develops

    high-quality products with formulations

    that combine the best of nature, beauty and

    skin sciences in the game since 2006,

     the brand has transformed itself into one of

    the leading skin care brands from Asia.

    Secret key brand carries products

     that target various types of skin concerns

    from enlarged pores and signs of aging to dull,

    sensitive and dehydrated skin.

  • Project by La Luseed: BETTER ME

    Organic and Cruelty Free, the brand 'Laluseed' believes in finding solution in nature, Laluseed advocates that effective skincare comes from naturally sourced gentle products, by enhancing the skin's natural beauty, it promises to deliver just that. By using special formulations and raw natural ingredients, the creators of Laluseed hope to deliver a better you by bettering themselves.
    "Better Me, Better You."


  • CTM Oily Skincare Set

CTM Oily Skincare Set

  • Rs. 2,950.00

Oily Skin can be due to genetics, diet, environment, and is caused by over-production of sebum which also leads to clogged and enlarged pores.

We have put together a simple Cleanse, Toner, Moisturise Skincare Routine for you to manage & control your oily skin.

Worth Rs.3360 but available at Rs.2950

1. Secret Key Lime Coke Cleansing OIl

2. Secret Key Snail Repairing Foam Cleanser

3. Secret Key Witchhazel Pore Clear Toner

4. Laluseed Better Me Relaxing Cream - Noni Green Therapy

 Country of Origin- South Korea